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  • SMT Online AOI Machine ZW 810
  • SMT Online AOI Machine ZW 810
SMT Online AOI Machine ZW 810SMT Online AOI Machine ZW 810

SMT Online AOI Machine ZW 810

  • Inspection Component: 0201 chip
  • PCB size::25x25-480*330mm
  • Dimension:900*950*1600 mm
  • Weight: 650kg
  • Product description: SMT Online AOI Machine ZW 810, Inspection Component: 0201 chip, PCB size::25x25-480*330mm, Dimension:900*950*1600 mm, Weight: 650kg

SMT Online AOI Machine ZW 810

AOI Specification:

SMT Online AOI Machine ZW 810

High efficiency, multi-function, high cost performance
CCD high speed color camera.
A variety of algorithms and technologies are integrated.
Quick programming and debugging integration makes operation more convenient.
Free and simple algorithm combination, the programming interface is more concise and clear.
The front and back of the PCB are automatically identified, making the test more efficient and faster.
Multi-threaded monitoring system, all production line production status is clear at a glance.
A powerful SPC statistical analysis system.
Simple software interface
Intuitive software interface, in line with daily simple and effective operating habits.
Workflow wizard to keep settings consistent.
Comprehensive and flexible software.
The comprehensive application of a variety of practical algorithms, the software runs more flexible.
OCV, OCR character recognition, path test, etc., special coping algorithm, more effective to meet post-print quality inspection, detection rate and pass-through rate is higher.

Complete line process improvement program.
The whole line process improvement solution can achieve fine analysis of defects, for example, for the defects found after reflow soldering, the picture of the front of the component and the solder paste can be retrieved, and then the real cause of the defect can be analyzed, so that effective Process improvement program.
The software can not only control the defects caused by the system, but also effectively prevent the defects caused by accidental reasons, so that the process level can be raised to a new level, and the single-digit Dppm can be realized.

ZW-810 technical performance description

visual identification system
Discriminant method
Combining weight imaging data difference analysis technology, color image comparison, color extraction analysis technology, similarity, binarization, OCR/OCV, path test and other algorithms
Gigabit network color high speed camera
10/15/20 micron, dot (optional) standard 20 micron, dot
Light source system
RGB ring multi-angle LED structure light source, special auxiliary coaxial light source (optional)
Image processing speed
0201 component
<7 milliseconds
Processing time per screen
<220 milliseconds
Test content
Solder paste printing
With or without, skew, less tin, tin, open circuit, pollution
Zero defect
Missing parts, offset, skew, tombstone, side stand, flip, polarity reverse, wrong piece, broken
Solder joint defect
Tin, tin, tin, copper foil pollution, etc. (in accordance with ROHS lead-free soldering inspection requirements)
Wave soldering inspection
Less tin, more tin, solder joint bridging or short circuit, virtual soldering, hollow
Detectable minimum components and spacing
0201&0.3mm pitch
computer system
PCB transfer system
Track height: 900±200mm Substrate fixing method: bottom-up
The fixed thimble function corrects the bending of the large plate. Automatic access panel and automatic width adjustment system, in accordance with SMEMA standards.
Measureable PCB size
5 0 × 50 mm ~ 400 x 330 mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)
PCB thickness / weight
0.3 mm ~ 3.0 mm / 3 kg
PCB warpage
<2 mm (with fixture assisted correction)
Part height
The net height is ≤35mm and the net height is ≤70mm (special requirements can be customized)
Minimum part
0201 component
X, Y platform
Drive device
AC servo motor system, Camera moves in x/y direction (PCBA can be fixed to facilitate inspection after solder paste printing and placement)
Precise positioning
<10 micron
Moving speed
700 mm / sec
Software system
operating system
Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Identification control system
Apply weight image difference modeling technology and unique color extraction analysis technology to learn OK samples, automatically create standard images, identify data and error thresholds
AOI program
Create standard images in real time, automatically calculate data and error thresholds. Weight imaging data difference analysis technology, learning OK samples, CAD import, test data statistical feedback, standard component library functions.
Operation interface
Graphical programming, WYSIWYG. Chinese/English, Traditional / Simplified
Networking function
Can be networked with NG terminals, can be checked at REPAIR STATION, repair PCBA error
Control System
Computer host
Intel dual-core CPU, 4G DDR memory, 120G solid state drive
22-inch LCD widescreen display
Network communication
Support TCP/IP and Microsoft network system
Other parameters
Mechanical dimensions
90 cm × 95 cm × 160 cm (the height includes the foot without a signal light)
Gas source
About 650kg
power supply
AC 220 volts ±10%, frequency 50/60Hz, frequency power 1200W
Use environment
Temperature 10-40 ° C, humidity 30-80% RH


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