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  • JUKI RS-1 Pick and Place Machine
  • JUKI RS-1 Pick and Place Machine
JUKI RS-1 Pick and Place MachineJUKI RS-1 Pick and Place Machine

JUKI RS-1 Pick and Place Machine

  • Applicable Components: 0402~5050
  • Board size:50×50??650×370?
  • Feeder inputs:max.112
  • placement capacity:42,000 CPH
  • Product description: JUKI RS-1 Pick and Place Machine High speed 47000CPH 8 Nozzle Best selling Chip mounter.63000USD Only.

JUKI RS-1 Pick and Place Machine

Introduce of JUKI RS-1 Modular Surface mounter :

JUKI has launched its new High-speed SMT Pick and Place Machine,Equipped with a newly developed parallel 8 nozzle head, the JUKI SMT Pick and Place Machine is capable of mounting a wide variety of parts and improving the mounting speed by up to 70%.
The JUKI Pick and Place Machine is robotic assembly machine for mounting electronic components on a "PCB" in the printed board mounting process. In addition to increasing the number of components mounted per cycle from six to eight, JUKI Pick and Place Machine also includes a new mechanism to improve the mounting speed by automatically changing the recognition sensor height.

Main Features of SMT Modular Surface mounter

No head replacement, newly developed "Parallel 8 nozzle head" with auto-height component recognition sensor
Automatically adjust the component recognition sensor of the mounter head from 1 to 25 mm in 5 stages according to the PCB requirements. High productivity is achieved without replacing the placement head, even for parts with different heights, from very small parts to large parts.
High placement capacity of 40,000 CPH
The distance between the pickup and placement positions is shortened by adopting the new SMT Pick and Place Machine RF series electric feeder.
Extensive component compatibility
Components from 0.2 mm × 0.1 mm to 74 mm square, 50 mm × 150 mm, and the height of parts up to 25 mm can be mounted. Component range and placement speed have been improved by changing the image recognition to four-part simultaneous recognition and using high-speed motors on the ? (theta) axis of the nozzle. In addition, we adopted a new electric feeder that is smaller, lighter, and thinner. The feeder capacity has been increased to 112 per RS-1 to improve capability of a single machine solution.
Implementation of smart mounting process

SMT Modular Surface mounter
Board size
50×50mm 650×370mm Single clamping
Component height
Component size
0201 74 /50×150mm
Placement accuracy
Placement accuracy
Feeder inputs
max.112mm Using RF feeders
Placement speed
Optimum 42,000CPH
Conveyor specification

1: Flexible red laser, high-speed placement according to component size device laser_height

2: Flexible vcs camera, can be raised and lowered to ensure recognition accuracy and accuracy

3: nozzle micro change, then optimize the concentration on the previous nozzle, achieve efficient placement, can prevent damage nozzle

4: The most important point: according to the product optimization, according to the product type, you can actually 20000-30000cph/h, especially for mobile phones, fpc, wearable, military products, etc., to achieve the most perfect placement.

5: The design of the head is user-friendly, the board is concentrated and integrated, and the laser becomes lighter. It has obvious design than all previous head designs.

Why choose JUKI pick and place machine?
1, the versatility of JUKI pick and place machine: JUKI pick and place machine models have different types of different use advantages, the machine has a specific type and multi-function, the specific type of production speed will be relatively faster, Because he only limits the production of one. In order to meet the orders of many companies, they have launched a multi-functional machine to meet the needs of enterprises.
2, JUKI pick and place machine is simple to operate: the biggest advantage of the JUKI brand is that his operation is simple, the circuit and structure of many pick and place machines are more complicated, but the structure of JUKI pick and place machine is very simple.
3, JUKI pick and place machine is cheap: the function is reduced to the minimum required, while ensuring higher productivity and small size and light weight at a lower cost. The latest laser recognition system is used in the same way as the most advanced models.

Identification method:
Laser and CAMERA recognition, small components are directly recognized by the laser and recognized by the camera. High speed and accurate.
The laser can identify the height of the component. The vertical recognition method will not affect the pick and place quality due to the whiteness of the nozzle or the presence of other dirt.
After the working head picks up the components, it moves directly to the placement of the components, won't do placing if missing components on the way.
The laser recognizes the whole tracking component, and there is no vertical material or component that is not loaded with the material. The automatic identification does not carry out the next feeding. Whether it is placed or not, it can be traced all the way.  If the material is picked up or not.
The laser can identify the height of the component, and the AC servo motor can automatically control the placement height and strength, eliminating the breakdown of the components in the placement, while reducing the impact force and friction of the nozzle, and prolonging the service life of the nozzle (1-3) year).
Placement method:
The use of vacuum pressure to break the timing of the self-calibration function prevents the components from being brought back at the moment of patching.
high density:
It does not affect the adjacent components when placed.


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1) This is the first time I use this kind of machine, is it easy to operate?

There is English manual or guide video that show you how to use machine.

If you still have any question, please contact us by e-mail / skype/ phone /trademanager online service.

2) If machine have any problem after I receive it, how can I do ?

Free parts send to you in machine warranty period.

If the part is less than 0.5KG, we pay the postage.

If it exceeds 0.5KG, you need to pay the postage.

3) MOQ ?

1 set machine, mixed order is also welcomed.

4) How can I buy this machine from you? ( Very easy and flexible !)

A. Consult us about this product on line or by e-mail.

B. Negotiate and confirm the final price , shipping , payment methods and other terms.

C. Send you the proforma invoice and confirm your order.

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