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  • Small Pick and Place Machine
Small Pick and Place Machine

Small Pick and Place Machine

  • Yamaha YG100 Pick and place machine
  • 1,650(L)x1,562(W)x1,850(H)mm
  • Patch speed: 24,000 CPH
  • Weight: 1,630kg
  • Product description: Small Pick and Place Machine Cheap Price, 1,650(L)x1,562(W)x1,850(H)mm, Patch speed: 24,000 CPH, Weight: 1,630kg

Small Pick and Place Machine

Products Description:

Small Pick and Place Machine

Small Pick and Place Machine Cheap Price-Good Quality! Good Service! Tell us your idea of the SMT machine, we will find the right solutions for you.

Yamaha YG100 Machine's vantage is from 2005 to 2010, mactching windows operating system.
Use single-arm) eight head mount patches, controlled by two motors, easy to maintain and installment,

The price range for used placement machine is abt USD30000-USD50000(Only for reference).

YAMAHA YG100 is a high-performance, high-precision placement machine produced by YAMAHA specifically

for high-speed general purpose machines,it can simultaneously mount different types of special-shaped

components.Using YAMAHA's newly designed head structure,all nozzles up and down control are controlled by

the electric motor, The machine mounting accuracy is greatly improved compared to the previous memory.

YAMAHA YG100 high-speed placement chip, high-precision, high-speed modular placement machine,

high rigidity dual drive structure,High-performance servo system, high-resolution digital multi-vision camera,

multiple precision correction system.

Automatically adjust the transmission width, automatically adjust the height of the mounting surface,

belonging to the YG series classic models.The theory is 25,000 points per hour.

The actual production speed is about 15,000 points per hour.

1. YAMAHA YG100 Placement Machine's advantages:
Mounting range from 01005 (Inch) micro-components to 45mm components.
Corresponding to the large substrate size L510xW440mm.
96 kinds of large component varieties.
Patch speed: 24,000 CPH (0.15 seconds/CHIP)
Mounting accuracy: (μ+3σ)±0.03mm/CHIP
Repeatability (3σ): ±0.03mm/CHIP
Mounting PCB Size: L50×W50mm~L510×W440mm
Component Types Belt Packaging: 120 types (converted to 8mm tape)

2. YAMAHA YG100 Placement Machine's parameters:
SMD Components: 0402(MM)-45MMX45MM Components SOP SOJ PLCC QFP BGA
SMD components can be placed 100 kinds (8MM)
Mounter size: L1650XW1562X1470

Yamaha YG100 specification and details as following:

1) Board size: M-Type: L460xW330 ~ L50xW50mm/t = 0.4 ~ 3.0mmL-Type:

L460xW440 ~ L50xW50mm/t = 0.4 ~ 3.0mm * sATS use: L460xW440 ~ L50xW50mm

2) Mounting speed: Chip: 0.15 seconds / accessories / 32mm QFP standard: 1.70 seconds / accessories 3)

IPC9850 conditions: 17700CPH, Chip: 0.20 seconds / accessories

4) Mounting accuracy: Chip: ± 0.05mm (3σ) / QFP: ± 0.05mm (3σ)
5) Mounting angle: (0.01±180° units)

6) Supported components: 0402 to SOP, SOJ, 84-pin PLCC, 0.5mm pitch QFPBGA,

CSP□31mm, 100mm connector, IC socket.

7) Equipment Parts Height: 15mm

8) Part identification methods: multi-angle illumination digital multi-camera system (34 pixels),

multi-angle lighting good vision system (79 pixels).

9) Operation Software: YGOS (FullLine Mode, OnLineHelp, rich accessories and internal organs)

10) Optimization Software: Basic Services (Head and Feeder Numbers,

Automatically Specified by the Installer)

11) Remote Control Software: Select (OnLine and OffLine Functions Available
12) Communication port: (Ethernet has Lan&RS232C)

13) Safety device: Head collision protection device in two modes: SoftLimit and HardLimit.

The CoverInterlock switch is used for head and collision prevention.

14) Power supply: 3-phase AC 416~200V, V± 10%, 50/60Hz, 4.8kVA
15) Air supply: 5.5kg/ (DryAir)/140/min
16) Size and Weight: 1,650(L)x1,562(W)x1,850(H)mm
17) Weight: 1,630kg

3.YG100RA (FNC Model)/YG100RB (SF Model) Model: KHW-000 Serise Machine
Imagine substrate
L50×W50mm~L510×W460mm (Note 1) (Note 2)
Mounting efficiency
(optimal conditions)
24,000CPH/CHIP (equivalent to 0.15 seconds/CHIP)
Mounting accuracy
(Our standard components)
Absolute accuracy (μ+3σ): ±0.05mm/CHIP, ±0.05mm/QFP
Repeatability (3σ): ±0.03mm/CHIP, ±0.03mm/QFP
Object element

0402 (mm series name) - □ 55mm element) SOP/SOJ) QFP) connector) PLCC) CSP/BGA)

long connector (Note 3) (Note 4) (Note 5)

Target component height is 15mm or less (Note 6)
Component type
96 (maximum) conversion to 8mm reel) (Note 1)
Power Specifications
Three-phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416 V ±10%50/60 Hz
Supply source
0.55MPa or more) clean and dry
L1,650×W1,562 (covered end)×H1,470 mm (above the cover)

L1,650×W1,615 (whole rail end of replacement trolley)×H1,470mm (above cover)

4.YG100RA(FNC type) / YG100RB(SF type)(Model : KHW-000)

Applicable PCB
L510xW440mm to L50xW50mm(Note 1)(Note 2)
Through-put (Optimum)
24,000CPH(0.15sec/CHIP Equivalent)
Mounting accuracy (Yamaha's standard components)

Absolute accuracy (μ+3σ):+/-0.05mm /CHIP, +/-0.05mm /QFP

Repeatability(3σ):+/-0.03mm /CHIP, +/-0.03mm /QFP

Applicable components

0402(Metric base) to □45mm components, SOP/SOJ, QFP,connector, PLCC, CSP/BGA,

Long connector (Note 3)(Note 4)(Note 5)

Height of components which can be mounted : 15mm or less(Note 6)
Number of component types
96types(Max,8mm tape reel conversion)(Note 1)
Power supply
3-Phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416V +/-10% 50/60Hz
Air supply source
0.55MPa or more, in clean, dry states
External dimension(Note 7)

L1,650xW1,562(End of cover)xH1,470mm(cover top)L1,650xW1,

615(End of guide for feeder carriage)xH1,470mm(cover top)

WeightApprox. 1,630kg(Main unit only)


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