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What are the advantages of use nitrogen process for SMT reflow oven?

What are the advantages of use nitrogen process for SMT reflow oven?

As the increasing population of the components on the PCB board in the SMT assembly process, nitrogen-filled reflow soldering processes and equipment have been invented, The nitrogen filled SMT reflow oven provide a better solder quality and high yield products. which has become the direction of reflow oven development . Nitrogen reflow oven has the following advantages:
    (1) Prevent oxidation of the tin solder.
    (2) Improve soldering wetting and accelerate wetting speed
    (3) Reduce the solder balls, avoid solder bridge, and obtain good soldering quality
    It is particularly important to obtain a good solder quality, which can use a solder paste with a lower active flux, while also improving the solder bridge performance and reducing the PCB deform, but its disadvantage is a significant increase in production cost, The cost increasing when more nitrogen used. When you need to reach 1000 ppm oxygen and 50 ppm oxygen in the reflow oven soldering area, the demand for nitrogen is quite different. Today's solder paste manufacturers are working to develop a no-clean solder paste that can be soldered in a high oxygen atmosphere, thus reducing nitrogen consumption.
    For fill the nitrogen into SMT reflow oven, cost-benefit analysis must be performed. Analysis include product yield, quality improvement, rework or maintenance costs, etc. Complete and unambiguous analysis often reveals that nitrogen production process does not increase final cost. On the contrary, we can benefit from it.
    Most of the SMT reflow oven currently in use are of the forced hot air circulation type, and controlling the consumption of nitrogen in such a reflow oven is not an easy task. There are several ways to reduce the consumption of nitrogen and reduce the open area of the inlet and outlet of the reflow oven. It is very important to use partitions, roller blinds or similar devices to block the unused area of the inlet and outlet. The method is to use the principle that the hot nitrogen is lighter than air and difficult to mix. When designing the furnace, the heating chamber is higher than the inlet and outlet, so that the nitrogen is baned in the heating zones, and the consumption amount of nitrogen is reduced. 


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